Snowing in Copenhagen, and the Met's Predictions for London: Copenhagen Summit Day Three

I met a woman from the Met Office today who pointed me in the direction of the UKCP09 climate projections for London:

The key messages for Islington are that temperatures will increase, summer rainfall will decrease, but winter rainfall will increase.

Looking internationally, the FCO released a map of the impact of a global temperature rise of 4 degrees in October:

And the Met Office also has some information on the climate impacts on developing countries at:


Snowing in Copenhagen

It's just started to snow in Copenhagen. I had a late start today as I have been trying to arrange a briefing of British Parliamentarians by Joan Ruddock in the UK Delegation office. Co ordinating 14 MPs and MSPs diaries along with the department and Joan's is not as easy, let me tell you.

Also hammered the mobile sorting out various issues in parliamentary and constituency offices. Hope the much vaunted mobile phone bill crack down by my European Parliamentarian brothers and sisters has come into force!

Anyway, finally, am heading off to meet Terry Townshend from Globe. It seems I need a second pass to get in today. There has been "the culling of the delegates" and numbers are restricted to only about a quarter of what they were. Rumour has it that there will be a further restriction in the next few days. We'll see.


This conference is full of acronyms. In the corridor on the way out, you go past the rooms of various delegations, with their names on the doors. It borders on the surreal: IPO, ENGO, BINGO, TUNGO, RINGO and FARMERS.

I'm beginning to get the hang of it Indigenous Peoples' Organisation, Environmental Non Govt Org, Business and Industry NGOs, Trade Union NGOs. Haven't worked out who RINGOs are though and I presume FARMERS plough the land!

I forgive my hotel everything. The free breakfast includes black bread and two types of pickled herring!

I've learnt to my great frustration that on Sunday I missed Desmond Tutu and thousands of others who were just round the corner at City Hall Sq handing over a petition of over 500,000 to UNFCC chief Yvo de Boer.

They say he was brilliant:

"Hello rich countries - wake up! It's cheap to finance climate debt. $150B a year will do it."

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