Lunch on Top of the World: Arctic Challenge Day Eight

Lunch on top of the world

Wednesday was a really long day. We went to the top of the world on a mountain range. We got to the a plateau and had a 360 degree view of mountains glowing in the sunshine. We had lunch there.

I have five dogs rather than four,  but they've turned out to be slower that the four dog teams. King dog wants to be leader, but is rubbish at mushing.  He had to be put at the back, but he finds that too degrading and so can be a bit troublesome.

I end up having to help push the sled up the hill, and also the flat. Tobias Ellwood, who is two sleighs behind me, even accepts that I have to work harder than everyone else. Since I'm keeping up with everyone it seems unlikely that I'll get faster dogs.

Valentine's eve in a speramaladeco

Valentine's eve was a hard day. It was cold with grey snow ladened sky.

The pulled muscle was quite undermining as it affects so much of what I wanted to do. I couldn't walk in deep snow or push on the sled very easily. I couldn't even get on the snow mobile for a lift because my leg just didn't work. Tobias said as I hobbled to the sled "How's morale Emily?". I said "awful Tobias, awful".

Having said that though, when we were due to leave, I was trying to get the anchor/grapple thing out of the ground and not doing all that well. I couldn't pull it out. In fact, I couldn't even get down to pull it out. It had also frozen into the ground. In the gym, Serbo was making me do dead-lifts of 80 kilos and now I couldn't even lift an anchor! Hugo, who is the guy in charge of the dogs, started shouting at me. Whilst I was shouting back at him that I was trying, Tobias came over and pulled the anchor out for me, which was really sweet of him.

Things really started going down hill when I couldn't find Margaret's St. Christopher. I realised that I had dropped it. I was either somewhere in the snow or in my suit. I managed to find it eventually and felt much better having done so. After lunch, I fell again when the slender lady dogs were up to their tricks. They kept stopping to file their nails and have a chat. The snow got very deep and I couldn't scoot to help them. It was hopeless.

The best part of the day was the fishing. Tiasto, a man who wears nothing but seal fur, was in charge of teaching us how to fish. He was very polite but clearly convinced that we weren't going to catch anything. We all gamely dangled our rods into holes in the ice. The fishing rods looked like toys, which underlined our attitude that it was all a bit of a laugh.

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