Labour Policy Review - Serious Economic Crime

On Friday 14th June at 11am I will be unveiling Labour's Fraud Policy Review and I would like to invite you to the Law Society to hear first hand Labour's plans to overhaul the prosecution of white collar crime.

These include:

  • The expansion of vicarious liability for companies whose employees break the law.
  • The adoption of US-style guidelines for imposing multi-million pound fines
  • Ploughing more of the proceeds of crime back into law enforcement

These proposals are an important contribution to Labour’s policy review which will form the basis of the party’s manifesto for 2015. 

The launch will take place at  11am on Friday 14th June at the Old Council Chamber, Ground Floor, The Law Society, 113 Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1PL

Please RSVP to or phone 0207 219 5676.

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