In Palestine

The last time I had been to Israel and the West Bank had been in the early 80’s. It came as a real shock to see how much the area had changed. This is the blog from my fact-finding trip.

We walked round the corner to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). They meticulously chart all the settlements, the building of the barrier, various walls, checkpoints, flying checkpoints, trenches, piles of rubble. They keep photographs of them all and produce detailed maps. At the moment there are 550 closures of various sorts, up from 376 in July 2005.

The maps speak for themselves.

I greatly fear that what they say is that there is very little of the West Bank left for the Palestinians and unless the Israeli building is temporary- which it really doesn't, there is only the meagrest chance of a two state solution.

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