Hebron: Day Two

Christians, Jews and Muslims all believe that we are descended from Abraham. His grave is in Hebron.  Unfortunately,  it has been surrounded by strife and conflict. Recently a group of religiously motivated settlers have been determined to set up home there and the Palestinians have been equally determined not to be expelled. It has led to terrible fighting, a massacre in the Ibrahimi Mosque, the partitioning of the town and the turning of the centre into a ghost town.

Whilst in the centre of town we met some people from Christian Peacemaker Teams. Their slogan is "getting in the way"! They were watching as people went to Friday prayers and have recently been accompanying children on their way to school as they have been harassed, I was told, by settlers.

After walking around the centre of the city, we visited a baby hospital in town, Al Muhtaseb Hospital and spoke to the Director a gentle man called Dr Abdel Razzaq Abu Mayalel. We heard of the struggle they have had with erratic funding, shortages, periodic the closure of access for patients from within the region and the town.

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