Emily Responds to Publication of Report on Ratcliffe-on-Soar Prosecutions

Emily Thornberry MP, Shadow Attorney General, has responded to the publication of Sir Christopher Rose's report into the actions of the CPS in the Ratcliffe-on-Soar cases.


Emily said:

“I am very concerned by the serious failures identified in Sir Christopher Rose’s report, which led to the wrongful conviction of twenty people and the collapse of a trial against a further six.

It beggars belief that in such a high cost, high profile operation there was no proper sharing of evidence between the police and CPS and no proper disclosure to the defence. I am shocked that the CPS failed to ask simply questions about what authorisation Mark Kennedy had and what evidence he collected.

With at least two other prominent cases being investigated, serious questions need to be answered about how evidence from undercover police officers is used. We must ensure that justice is done and taxpayers’ money isn’t wasted like this again.”

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