Emily Challenges government over Southern Cross

Emily challenged Paul Burstow over the vacuum left by the collapse of Southern Cross in an Urgent Question in Parliament today.


Emily Thornberry said:

“With the revelation that two of Southern Cross’s major landlords are in dire financial straits, we should be worried that the Care Services Minister was either unable or unwilling to answer serious questions over residents’ futures. Deep concerns remain over the future of landlords currently in administration, and Paul Burstow failed to  confirm whether he even knows who the landlords are.”

“This is a very worrying time for the 31,000 residents of Southern Cross homes and their families. They need the government to show some real leadership not just vague wishful thinking, and they should provide a home by home plan to ensure stability and continuity of care. Ministers cannot just leave vulnerable elderly and residents at the mercy of property speculators and administrators.”

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