Dr Albert Aghazarian's Tour of the Old City

Albert Aghazarian kindly gave us a tour of the Old City. Albert is one of the most prominent Palestinian Armenian figures. As we walked around you could hear people saying "teacher, teacher". He took us to the roof terrace of a friend who had the most wonderful views of Jerusalem. He took us to the first "modern" building in Jerusalem which was a missionary church built by the British to convert the Jews. Part of it became the first British Consulate.

Albert took us to the top of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where the Copts and Ethiopians share the roof. He showed us a settlement right by the church. He said that he would vote for me if he was only allowed to. He obviously knows the way to woman politician's heart - especially one from a marginal seat! I was thoroughly charmed.

After supper with Jeff Halper from ICAHD and Jen Moorehead from Save the Children who had poised the question - well why shouldn't the PA simply accept it cannot fulfil its mandate and give power back to the Israelis? By stumbling on against all the odds, isn't the PA giving the Israelis the green light to carry on not looking for a proper settlement?

Went to bed again feeling the situation is hopeless and helpless.

Was rung by the BBC to ask about Alan Johnstone and spoke on 5Live about the situation in Gaza and what we had been told about who was holding him.

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