Cuts to Universal Credit

As Shadow Employment Minister, I was proud to help lead the fight against the Tories' recent proposals to cut working families' tax credits. Last October I moved an amendment to the Welfare Reform and Work Bill which would have revoked the cuts, and you can read my speech to the Bill committee here.


I was pleased when the Chancellor abandoned his plans in last month's Spending Review. But it is important to note that Universal Credit, which is set to replace tax credits by the end of the decade, has been cut by £3 billion as a result of measures that the Tories forced through Parliament last month. That means working families still face a huge cut to their benefits when they move over to Universal Credit in the next few years.

Disgracefully, the Government exploited a loophole in Parliamentary procedure to pass these cuts without allowing MPs to vote on them, or even debate them. However, following sustained pressure from Labour the Government eventually agreed to allow a debate, and you can read my speech opposing the cuts here. You can also read in more detail about my work fighting cuts to Universal Credit in an article which appeared in the Guardian recently.

Although the Tory majority in Parliament meant that we weren’t able to stop these cuts from going ahead, I am determined to continue fighting any further attempts to cut support for working families. 

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