Cuts to Personal Independence Payments

A number of my constituents contacted me recently about the announcement made in the Chancellor's Budget that cuts were going to be made to Personal Independence Payments.

I share the outrage expressed by my constituents that the government would cut vital support for the most vulnerable people whilst at the same time giving a tax cut to some of the richest in our society. This is simply unacceptable, a view I expressed whilst on Question Time last week (you can watch the full programme here).

After finally agreeing to face questions in the House of Commons today I was disgusted by the Chancellor’s refusal to apologise for the distress his announcement caused, despite calls from many MPs for him to accept responsibility. Whilst I am glad that the government have agreed not to make any further cuts to disability benefits at this stage, I am disappointed that it took the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith for the Chancellor to realise how ill-thought out this proposal was.

I am concerned that the government seems to be intent on making the poorest in our society bear the brunt of their ‘economic recovery’ and I will do everything I can to ensure that no further cuts are made to disability benefits by this Chancellor.