Bernie Ecclestone Allegations

I have asked Dominic Grieve and HMRC to look at the actions of Bambino holdings in light of a court case being brought against F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone in Germany.


Bernie Ecclestone is facing accusations of bribery in connection with the sale of Formula 1 rights to CVC holdings in 2005.

The F1 boss is currently a witness in a German court case where he has admitted to making payments totalling $23 million to CVC banker Gerhard Gribkowsky in 2006-7.

A separate case amounting to allegations of conspiracy to defraud has been lodged against Ecclestone in the UK.

I wrote to Dominic Grieve to draw his attention to these allegations on 7th November and asked him to consider a criminal investigation.

I have also asked HMRC to look into Mr Ecclestone's tax arrangements.

I will be keeping a close eye on proceedings - this is certainly an affair which needs to be looked into.

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