Arctic Challenge: Day Nine

Woke very tired on Thursday. Our last trip was to the Trinations border where Norway, Sweden and Finland meet. We had wonderful views.

I climbed onto the border monument with the other MPs and had my photo taken with Martin Field, the fund-raising director of The Children's Society.

There was a great sense of achievement. It has been hard work, but worth it. The journey back was very hard. It was very cold and all my adrenaline went. I could hardly hold onto the sled.

I eventually back onto the coach for the trip back to JukkasjÀrvi. On the way, we stopped at the Ice Hotel that was used by James Bond. It looked too much like an igloo for me!

It's strange being back with people outside the group I've been travelling with for the last week. We met the local journos and politicians. I have a copy of the local paper, but have no idea what it says!

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