"Send Emily Off to the Arctic"

We had a "send Emily off to the Arctic" party tonight in the Jubilee Room, for party members and fellow Labour MPs.

We provided the food, but as John put in the email to party members "since Emily is not allowed to drink alcohol till she gets back, could members please provide their own!"

There was a raffle with an Arctic theme: prizes ranged from Fox's Glacier Mints, to a Cold Play CD, to an adopt a polar bear offer. James had organised a pin the polar bear on the last remaining iceberg competition.

Lots of people came and were very generous.

Some of speeches were very funny, some kind and supportive and others were funny and yet definitely surreal!
We heard from Malcolm Wicks, Frank Dobson and Andrew Slaughter, then Dawn Butler, Tony Lloyd the chair of the PLP, Ed Balls then finally Steven Pound.

MPs Jeremy Corbyn, Celia Barlow, Martin Salter, Andrew Gwynne and Michael Foster drew the raffle. James Purnell and Jane Kennedy, dropped by briefly and Vera Baird sent a message of support. A good time was had by all.

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